Dhairya Foundation

A non-profit social enterprise registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013

We are a social enterprise founded to address the problem of skill deficit among underprivileged women in Telangana. At Dhairya Social Initiatives Foundation we provide driver training and market linkage to women from low income groups and BPL communities to make them employable, independent and self-reliant.

We work with NGOs, SHGs and local government bodies to identify and train women from marginalized sections of the society in driving, soft skills and basic self-defense. We also support our beneficiaries in finding employment/self-employment opportunities to ensure that these skills are converted into long term income generation. 

Our vision through this initiative is to improve the financial and emotional wellbeing of our beneficiaries and their families, increase the participation of women from lower income groups in the work force while elevating the overall safety factor for women in public spaces.


Vision & Mission


To enable women from economically weak sections to become employable and financially independent by providing them driver training and market linkage.


Train women from marginalized sections in driving skills, life skills like digital and financial literacy, and provide them with support for placement/self-employment. Create a support system for beneficiaries to find moral support, employment opportunities and skill improvement programs. Work with government agencies, private entities and NGOs to create a safe and conducive environment for beneficiaries to excel as professional drivers. 


Dhairya Foundation at a Glance

Millions of women in India come from economically weak backgrounds and survive on a day-to-day basis with no steady source of income. Most of these women are illiterate or have only rudimentary education, which forces them to depend on unsteady jobs like domestic help, daily labour, factory workers, etc to earn a livelihood. Many of them, especially those who are single (widowed, never married or abandoned), subsist on incentives and loans extended by self-help groups, which though a major source of support, doesn’t often equip these women with skills that translate into income generation in the long run. There are also several young women rescued from abusive families and sheltered in state run homes, waiting to be rehabilitated. Lack of awareness and basic skills limit such women from utilising their potential and abilities to find long term employment and becoming financially independent.

Meanwhile, with the advent of technology, a number of sectors are undergoing a massive transformation opening up new avenues of employment for women. A lot of organisations like food delivery services, cab aggregators, bike taxi companies, e-commerce logistics partners and intra-city courier services are keen on employing women to increase diversity in their workforce while elevating safety standards for their female consumers. As a result, there are novel employment opportunities for women which did not exist before.

With Dhairya, our aim is to act as a bridge between the two sections while bringing about a significant increase in participation in work force of women from lower income groups. We work with women from economically weakest sections of our society to make them more independent, self-reliant and employable. Our training modules, which are provided free of cost to all, focus on teaching these women driving skills, language and communication skills, basic self defense techniques, vehicle maintenance skills, financial and digital literacy. We also work with several organisations in the private sector to find employment for the women who train with us. In addition, we provide necessary support for those interested in becoming self-employed.

As we go along, the women we train will be integrated into a common platform where they can connect with other women from similar backgrounds. This platform will not only act like a helpline for women trained with us, but will also offer information on employment opportunities and continuous learning via skill development programs. In the long run, we would be working with government agencies and private organisations to create a safe and conducive atmosphere for women working on the move thereby encouraging more women to take up jobs in the mobility sector. 


Our Training Program

The training program to be imparted to every woman registered with Dhairya is designed to help her transform as an individual by showing her the path to financial independence. We work with local NGOs and other such entities to identify women who are in dire need of earning a livelihood but lack the skills to find employment, and are most likely to benefit from our training programs. Every woman is given special attention to understand her needs and limitations, aspirations and ambitions so that care can be given to these factors when training her.


The primary aim of this program is to prepare women for employment opportunities in mobility sector. Alternatively, the skills acquired through this program can be used by women in their current jobs or businesses leading to increased earnings and cost savings, not to mention an increased safety factor. As a part of this program, women are taught how to drive a bike/auto/car. They are also trained in obeying traffic rules, road sense, handling minor repairs of their vehicles, self defense and communication skills. Support is extended in procuring licenses, getting placed with private companies as cab or bike-taxi drivers for female passengers, etc. In addition, they also receive support on an ongoing basis in resolving any issues faced post training.

Eligibility – 18 years of age or above

Program Duration – 7 weeks 

Program outline –

Week 1:

  • Registration and personal interaction with beneficiaries, collecting information and building their profiles for reference.

  • Motivational sessions to encourage women to break out of the mould and pursue their aspirations.

  • Theory classes about basics of handling a 2/3/4 wheeler, road safety rules, etc.

  • Educating about road signs and applying for learner’s license.

Week 2 to 5:

  • Training in 2/3/4 wheeler driving with female instructors, complete with safety measures (like helmets/seatbelts etc) and basic vehicle maintenance tips.

  • Self-defense classes, sessions on first-aid, communication skills and stress management.

  • Training in using latest technology apps like food delivery or cab aggregator apps.

Week 6:

  • Practicing driving and vehicle maintenance with minimal supervision.

  • Preparing for and attending permanent driver’s license test.

Week 7:

  • Career guidance and placement assistance for existing employment opportunities.

  • Preparation for job interviews where applicable.

  • Guidance and assistance for those seeking to be self-employed.


Our Journey


October, 2020

Dhairya trainees hired as delivery executives with Big Basket

July, 2020

Dhairya trainees hired as delivery executives with

May, 2020

selected for incubation by WE Hub, a Govt of Telangana initiative


March, 2020

four women domestic workers finish training and receive licenses to drive auto- rickshaws

December, 2019

training starts for first batch of women domestic workers in driving auto-rickshaws

September, 2019

organisation founded, registered as Section 8 company


Key People

Committed to the Cause


Prasanna Dommu


BTech – JNTU | MBA – SDA Bocconi, Milan | SSGB (Six Sigma Green Belt) | MA in Psychology (pursuing)

With a rich experience of 15 years of working in diverse industries such as infrastructure, food, FMCG and IT, primarily in management roles, focusing on operations, business development and strategy, she has made the switch to social sector with the desire to put her experience into a good cause. Apart from her professional pursuits, she is interested in reading classics, traveling and photography, and is a passionate motorcyclist.


Tindu Nikhat


BCA – Rishi UBR

Starting her career as a Beauty Advisor, she has achieved through sheer hard work and perseverance great heights in her career spanning 16 years across industries like FMCG, beauty and coffee. Hailing from a middle income group, she is all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of women with limited economic power, hence her deep desire to be a key contributor in this initiative. She is a trained classical dancer and has a knack for cooking.


Dhairya Social Initiatives Foundation

Registered address - 

8-2-120/120/1/74, Banjara Hills Road No.10, Noor Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500034

Office address -  

We Hub, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Rd Number 45, Masthan Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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